Monica Y. Williams

Certified Supervisor

My goal as a trained and certified supervisor is to provide children the opportunity to visit with their non-custodial parent or significant family members in a safe, neutral, and stable environment. As a trained certified supervisor, I observe the interactions between the child(ren) and the parent in an objective and neutral manner. This enables the child and the parent to have an enjoyable and safe visit in a stress free and relaxing environment. All exchanges are done in a discreet respectable manner that protects both parties.


More than 16 years conducting supervised visits (in home and community)
Knowledgeable of court ordered, parenting plans and mediation guidelines.

  • Contracted with City of St. Louis
  • Listed with St. Louis County
  • Certified Parent Trainer
  • Family Development Credentials


Ms. Williams was an extremely delighted person to meet. Having to go through a Court appointed monitor for the first time in my life
Ms. Williams allowed me to understand the process smoothly and help me navigate the process with ease.
I would give high recommendations to Ms. Williams for her level of kindness and loving care she possess.