A Tribute to My Dad

The first man that loved me.

“The Foundation of James” was created in Loving Memory of my dad. My dad was my Hero; he was the most courageous and resourceful person on this side of heaven. My dad was a man like no other.  He gave me life, nurtured me, taught me, fought for me, held me when I was sad, and supported me with all of my accomplishments. There are not enough words I can say to describe just how important my dad was to me, but I can say he is the reason for me being the strong, motivated, and determined woman that I am today. Mr. James Thomas Sr. laid a great foundation with me being a parent, business owner, wife and loyal friend to those in my life.

I honor this true “Man of God” and I can never thank him enough for all that he has done for me.


Thank you Daddy, I love you forever.

July 9, 1940-October 21, 2000